Gucci Mane Is Trickin` Off On His New Girlfriend, Do You Think This Chick Is Worth It?

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Gucci Mane and Miami video “vixen” Keyshia Dior are a couple. I really don’t care who is jumping off with who in the industry, what I care about is dudes that waste their stacks on the pursuit of the jump off. First calling her a vixen is pretty big I would say shes more of a chick that does music videos. That alone screams dont buy her anything but McDonald’s and a hotel room key but the word is Gucci is icing her up and buying her diamonds and bags, peep the pics and decide for yourself if she is worth it:


  1. She can gawn but is still a jump for all I care, so Gucci watch out 4 dem gold diggers……..

  2. Who cares……Jay Z got a jump off that sings……..Swizz Beats got a jump off that sings……Young Moneys fucking the same jump off…………Gucci has a jump off too

  3. shes straight i dont see why he shouldnt it aint trickin if he got it and shes not just any girl …thats his boo

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