Jae Millz Forgets He’s A Weed Carrier, Hates On XXL Freshman 10 Cover

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Aight so, Jae Millz has been running his mouth about the XXL Freshman 10 cover, claiming that half the guys on the cover don’t deserve to be there, and that his boy Vado should be on there instead.  Millz doesn’t specifically get at any of the rappers on the list in his interview with True Stories Radio, but most of the rappers on the cover have responded to his comments in defense of their own skills.  Most people, like J. Cole and Freddie Gibbs, responded in a “I’m not sure who he’s talking about, but it’s probably not me” kind of way.  However, props to Nipsey Hussle for speaking the truth and calling Millz out for being whack and how he’s been around for 10 years without dropping anything major.

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  1. Vado Is Nice and should of been on the list but he's not, Im pretty sure Vado isn't losing any sleep but these list don't mean anything its just music and peoples opinion. So what a few E-Mo rappers made it I rather be on those 2 classic Gangsta Grillz with Cam than that list in my opinion. I think if any of those rappers really wanted a problem they would take it to the booth which I think they won't do instead of taking it to twitter and viral clips like actors. And Jae Millz and the top ten list should take it to wax, its the new hip-hop era quantity over quality which is whack. Im pretty sure they are not trying to do that because battle raps can end careers. Like KRS-1 said No One Is Above The Battle. BATTLE!!!! BATTLE!!! BATTLE!!!! BATTLE!!!! BATTLE!!! BATTLE!!!! BATTLE!!!! BATTLE!!! BATTLE!!!! (School Yard Fight Chant)

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