Jay Critch Has “Dreams In A Wraith” On New Single

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Sleep just hits different in a foreign whip.

When trying to convert a passion into a career, it can be those lofty material possessions that encourage the dreamers to persist. For Brooklyn’s Jay Critch, it was the goal of buying a foreign car that aided him when the darkness was consuming. Now, he’s rapping about what life’s like in an expensive car on his new single, “Dreams In A Wraith.”

Obstacles, setbacks, and doubt all collaborate to work against those idealist individuals, and it requires a certain rigidity to combat them. Jay Critch has stayed the course, believing in himself and his vision of rap stardom, and is now reaping the benefits. Those nights of wondering what life inside a wraith would be like are now a comfortable reality for the 22-year-old rapper.

Hop inside Critch’s mind and whip by bumping “Dreams In A Wraith” below: