Jay Critch Retains Control On “GameStop”

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The Broolyn MC seems unfazed by his recent physical altercation.

While Jay Critch was circulating headlines earlier this week due to being jumped outside of a New Jersey nightclub, he’s taken matters into his own hands to reclaim the narrative by dropping a surprise single, “GameStop.”

Throughout the track, Jay analogizes his response to the recent attack to GameStop, saying that both have ultimate control. In Jay’s case, he seems unperturbed by the physical altercation; for GameStop, the video game retailer is infamous for offering unfair prices for exchanges and trade-ins. They’ve both retained control, and both seem intent on maintaining their respective status quos.

“GameStop” is produced by Axl Beats, the highly-regarded UK Drill beatsmith.

Check out Jay Critch’s “GameStop” below: