Keri Hilson Keeps It Real!

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I’m not the most familiar with Keri Hilson’s music, but I do know that she is stunningly beautiful.  SoulCulture recently interviewed the R&B songstress and I though her definition of what a real man is was actually super on point.  I mean I kind of want to wife her up after she said this.  She is super hot and understands the value of sacrifice and character.  Sign me up!

What makes a “real man”?

Keri Hilson: My definition of a real man is someone who respects women, someone who knows God and has some fear. You have to fear things in life – if you don’t fear anything… that’s a scary place. Someone who respects their mother, someone who has their priorities in tow. A man who is always forward-thinking and thinks about the future. Boys live for the moment, men live for the future and they’re cognizant of the decisions that they make and how that affects their future. Men are truthful – maybe not right upfront because it’s a hard thing for anybody to do, but if he’s confronted, a man stands up to his mistakes.


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