Lil Mama Sucks…The Breakfest Club Validates Said Point

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This is a 23 minute interview with Lil Mama.  Did I watch it all?  Hell no.  Because you don’t have too.  Just click at any point in the interview, and watch for a minute.  Lil Mama does all the work in validating that she is useless.  Obviously Charlamagne Tha God inevitably makes her cry.  I would maybe have sympathy for her if she didn’t set herself up for this.

Sidebar:  So Lil Mama is legitimately convinced Nicki Minaj jacked her swag.  There is just no telling her otherwise.




  1. Instead of being such an asshole maybe you should have watched the entire interview. This is a young black women who is obviously confused about what she wants to do with her career and even though charlamagne acts like a douchebag he actually gave her some pretty sound advice at the end. Ok she says dumb things and may come across a certain way but this is a young women who at the end of the day simply just wants to do her thing and I cant knock her for that. What the fuck have you ever done. You post something dont even watch the whole thing and then poke fun and criticize. This is the problem instead of being such a fuckin reject show some respect and support for a young women trying to come up.

  2. Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear that bull, she's a trash artist and an embarrassing music personality. First of all, how are you going to come at a writer for a major hip hop website with the “what the fuck have you ever done” nonsense? Let me ask what the fuck have you ever done? and that question is rhetorical because it is clearly nothing important seeing as though your defending bum ass Lil Mama on an insignificant comical post. Then your talking about listening to the whole thing. Ha! I laugh at your argument and point as well. Clown.

  3. Listen……You are what's wrong with our black community STOP HATING! HATING gets you no where you will be 4ever @ ground zero….You shouldn't care if Lil Mama sings, raps, dance, or host TV shows its positive movement and at the end of the day her she taking care of her fam and her business respect it…. She is a young beautiful black woman, and you gotta respect that. The entire interview was bullshit…Ppl get cocky and say stupid shit but this young woman shouldn't be humiliated for it… We need to support each other and promote the positive shit in our community….

  4. she is trying to do good things and her music may not be satisfying to all but some do like her. she's an inspiration but stealing styles, c'mon?! they both 4rm the same area and will have similarities in some things but what she expects, she did set herself for that 1st minute

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