Maxim Magazine Releases The Hot 100 List And You Will Never Guess Who Was Number 1….

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I don’t know what the people at Maxim were smoking but according to Maxim`s world’s top 100 most beautiful women list Katy Perry is way hotter than Kim Kardashian,Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson, here is the weird thing, Beyonce didnt even make the list but Ke$ha did!??!!? Even Dorky Amanda Bynes made top 20 but no Cassie or Lauren London. What the hell is going on? Do people actually think Rihanna is hotter than Amber Rose??




  1. Maxims a white mans magazine aimed at a certain type of white dude, and if the girls picked aren't on it's list how will they get interviews and photo shoots? The only reason Zoe's on there is because of Avatar, and no other reason. It's all back scratching. Come on Katy Perry the worlds hottest girl?!

  2. I just skimmed through the pics but I'll check again and i don't think i seen Alicia Keys in there either. If not, whoever does that top 100 needs to be fired because she looks better then at least 85% of that list.

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