Peep Game: The Top 10 Best Rappers You Don’t Know in 2014

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9. ZelooperZ

If Danny Brown, a Detroit rapper with a unique voice and style, made it big then ZelooperZ, another Detroit rapper with an equally offbeat delivery and deranged flow should feel pretty confident. Thanks to the powers of the Internet alternative rappers who otherwise would have no lane are finding their audience and ZelooperZ who may perhaps be one of the most difficult emcees to “get” yet will do just fine if he doesn’t abandon his individuality and takes notes from Bruiser Brigade teamster Danny Brown.

Sounds Like: Unpolished and unhinged delivery, totally deranged and punchy flow.
Project(s) to Check Out: HELP
Upon First Listen: ZelooperZ’s flow and delivery is unique and entirely his own; there is nobody who sounds like him. An oddball in hip-hop for sure.
Notable Line(s): “She bounce it like she trying to get my dick hard/ I’ma tear the pussy up like a bad report card/ Watch the booty cheeks bombard/ I think she’s trying to get a nigga scarred”.
Staying Power: Part of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade, ZelooperZ can take notes from the equally deranged Brown on how to jump start a career while still being true to his abstract/alternative self.


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