Peep Game: The Top 10 Best Rappers You Don’t Know in 2014

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2. Denzel Curry

Hailing from Miami, home to Rick Ross, one might be quick to write-off the 20-year-old Denzel Curry. However, Curry, while possessing a rapid-fire flow similar to say, Migos, actually finds himself at odds with a lot of Southern hip-hop. For Curry “turn up” is merely an afterthought as his music is moody and austere. His Nostalgic 64 project from last year finds the young spitter truly destined for greatness.

Sounds Like: Dark and violent ’90s Memphis rap à la Tommy Wright III done in the contemporary airy cloud rap style.
Project(s) to Check Out: Nostalgic 64, Strictly For My R.V.I.D.X.R.S.
Upon First Listen: Highly aggressive, angry, and wordy. Spits with a purpose while retaining a keen ear for solid production.
Notable Line(s): “Burn the fingertips off, replace the dental/ Left the golden bullet magic in his coofie, no his temple/ That’s engraved, leaving corpses in graves/ Glock 17 cutting fades”.
Staying Power: Unique and talented enough that he’ll have a comfortable place in the burgeoning underground/Internet hip-hop scene.


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