Peep Game: The Top 10 Best Rappers You Don’t Know in 2014

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4. Your Old Droog

Earlier in the year an enigmatic EP was released with little to no fanfare, however this was short-lived as speculation quickly grew that the EP was actually from Nas despite being credited to someone by the name of Your Old Droog. It wasn’t unjust as the rapper did in fact strike a scarily similar flow and voice as the Queens emcee. Fast forward, Your Old Droog isn’t Nas and actually stands on his own two as a solid overall rapper.

Sounds Like: Nas.
Project(s) to Check Out: Your Old Droog EP (or Nas’ Illmatic)
Upon First Listen: He sounds exactly like Nas.
Notable Line(s): “2014 George Thorogood, thorough-good in any borough or hood/ Used to bag bitches from Murrow to Midwood/ Back when you was in the crib watching Squidward”.
Staying Power: Sounding like Nas is something of a double-edged sword nowadays. And much like Nas’ 20 year career, sometimes you hit it out of the ballpark and other times you swing and miss.


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