Peep Game: The Top 10 Best Rappers You Don’t Know in 2014

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6. Bodega Bamz

While Bodega Bamz’ name immediately links up with A$AP Mob thanks to his collaboration with A$AP Ferg, Bamz’ music actually continues the long-standing tradition of great, stylized Harlem hip-hop. His “Latin trap” sound though sounds pretty ridiculous actually works well with Bamz steady delivery. His Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. mixtape offers some diversity as well and Sunday Service w/ The Martinez Bros. finds Bamz sounding exciting as he switches between English and Spanish.

Sounds Like: Exactly the sound you think of in your head when you hear the term “Latin trap”.
Project(s) to Check Out: Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z., Sunday Service w/ The Martinez Bros.
Upon First Listen: The Spanish Harlem equivalent of the A$AP Mob.
Notable Line(s): “I use the ki’s to get money now I’m kickin’ down doors/ A drug dealing Robin Hood, my Civic touching the floor/ Your bitch ridin’ my stick, so hard she blew my exhaust/ I made it flip like ’96 Olympics Dominique Dawes”.
Staying Power: The market for Hispanic rappers is looking as dry as the desert right now so Bamz has some room to work with for himself right now.


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