Redman Is Using Autotune Now? & “Coc Back” Video

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Signs that rap is coming to end, Redman has gone the “get people to dance in the club” route with his new album.
The album “Reggie Noble 9 ½”, features the controversial auto tune on a few of its records. Redman explains that it was his alter-ego “Reggie Noble” who decided to use the voice enhancing tool. Redman says:
“I got it on my new album — I don’t care. Reggie Noble is doing the album, not Redman. Let’s get that clear. Reggie Noble don’t give a f*ck! He wanna do auto-tune. He wants to do a pop record. He just wants to do music because he loves music. What’s the difference between Reggie Noble and Redman is that this Reggie Noble album is more conceptual. It got concepts on it, it got auto-tune on it, it got a pop record on it. I had fun on it. I’m just throwing it out, giving it to Def Jam.”

To me it sounds like Redman or his “alter ego” is selling out just to get paid and make Def Jam happy, but that’s what hip hop has come to, reputable artists have to succumb to the record companies to get their checks. We’ll just have to wait till the album comes out to be judgemental.

Here’s the possible album cover:  You can also check out Redman’s new video “Coc Back”.





  1. they are just doing albums even though it doesn’t seems to get on the groove just purely to make money. i hope they should also consider how fans or listeners would react if it doesn’t gives that vindication the song is best to be listened.

  2. oh no, what’s wrong with the rap world, this is a bad omen. but then we still have to watch out for it, who might know, maybe this will hit the chart (i don’t want to doubt).

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