Rumor: Allen Iverson To The Knicks???

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iversonknicksA few days ago, Allen Iverson was waived by the Memphis Grizzlies over a playing time dispute, and everyone figured he would retire.  However, it seems a few teams are curious about his availability now that he’s a free agent.  One of those teams is the Charlotte Bobcats, where Iverson was rumored to sign before he signed with Memphis.  But, with the recent trade of Stephen Jackson from the Warriors to the Bobcats, it now seems AI could be a member of the New York Knicks.  When asked about Iverson, Knicks team president Donnie Walsh said: “We’ll look into it…we’ll see.”  While this statement isn’t anything definitive, it is the first time the Knicks have made any statements that suggested they were leaning towards giving Iverson a shot.  Whether or not this ends up happening, this is an interesting scenario that could find one of the best guards in the history of the game finishing up his career with the Knicks, a team dying for a new story besides “we suck!”  As a Knicks fan, I would welcome this signing, as Iverson would probably be a good influence on the young core of the team, even with his past issues with showing up to practice.  Hopefully, we can see AI in a blue and orange Knicks uniform very soon, even if its only for this one final season of his career.