Snoop Gives Props To The West Coast, Wants To Clothe Your Kids

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Snoop Dogg has always been known for helping out up and coming rappers WC rappers. In an interview with MTV he talks about keeping his ear ‘glued to the street’ and being called ‘Uncle Snoop’:

“As far as the New West or the young MCs out here on the West Coast, I’m very familiar with them because they call me Uncle Snoop…So more than likely, they come get my blessings on a record, or through mutual friends we connect with each other, because I always keep my ear to the streets and I always love being a part of what’s new and fly representing the West Coast. I’ve always been one to try to put that on the forefront, so I keep my ear glued to the street when it comes to these new acts from the West. I try to be a part of their projects and a part of blowing them up.”

Snoop also talked about his willingness to help unknown rappers out by recording a verse on their tracks, a favor for which he will sometimes discount or even completely waive his six figure fee:

“When you doing those types of situations, you building relationships and you building trust in a community that doesn’t have no trust right now…to me, that means more to me to be able to go back and give these artists a shot and not overcharge them and try to rob the bank and say, ‘Give me what I’m worth.’ Nah, let me give you a shot, because if we playing team ball and I’m from the West, you guys are a part of my team.”

Snoop has recorded with Cali up and comers like Glasses Malone, Nipsey Hussle and YG to name but a few. Snoop also spoke to MTV about this recent surge of California rappers, describing them as ‘death-defying’:

“The artists are more courageous and more death-defying. They like taking chances…In the past, we would wait for radio and wait for other labels to get behind us and support us. But now you got artists being individually strong on they own and going straight to the Internet, creating songs and dealing with the fans one on one, cutting the middleman out. When you get those views on the Internet, sometimes to me that means way more than a record sale. Because you got people stopping they day to pay attention to you and see you do their thing in a real way.”

Spotted at MTV. Check out MTV News starting next Monday to see them spotlight this new wave of WC rappers in MTV News New West Week.


Snoop Dogg is also willing to kit out your kids. He is reportedly planning on teaming up with footballer David Beckham to make some baby swag:

“I’d love to do a Babygro range and baby house shoes with Beckham…It’s going to be fly. It’s great news they are having a baby.”

He also spoke on his brother-like relationship with Becks, advising him and wife Victoria to get it on to the sound of Snoop tunes:

“Whenever I make a record I give him a copy before it’s done. He’s like a brother. I’m gonna show him to rap, for shizzle. He’s my boy. I love soccer just as he loves Hip Hop. Beckham needs to keep doing what he’s doing, he’s a great father…I said that after their 11th anniversary they should have some more kids and romance to some Snoop tunes.”

Beckham is an even bigger household name in the UK than Snoop, so should be a good global seller. As long as they don’t collaborate on a track we should be safe. Spotted at HHDX.