New Music: Ja Rule Shares a Pair of Tracks in “New York Giant” & “Nah!!”

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Going away to jail is no laughing matter. Getting out and not being able to readjust yourself back into society is even worse. Ja Rule, the once famed early 2000s New York rapper, has been in and out of the system quite extensively over the last decade -- he's been hit with a gun charge back in 2007. As just when things were looking up, in 2011, Ja Rule received an additional 28-month prison sentence for tax evasion. Good news is he's been out since 2013 (see: pic above) and it's nice to see/hear he's in good health. Unfortunately the music he's putting out could definitely use some jailhouse-like dicipline, for lack of a better word. He's sharing a pair of new tracks here, in "New York Giant" and "Nah!!" Neither one of these tracks is all that popping, to be honest. Hopefully Ja receives some assistance from notable contemporary producers and writers to bring him back to 100% in this modern rap ish. Listen to both "New York Giant" and "Nah!!" after the jump.

Video: Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Visit The Breakfast Club

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IT'S MURDAAAAAA. Irv and Ja stop by the Power 105 studios (presumably for the first time this decade) to speak on Murder Inc., their relationship with Queens drug kingpin Supreme, financial & legal troubles, 50 Cent and more. Part two after jump.

New Music: Ja Rule “Fresh Out Da Pen”

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The streets weren't calling, but Ja delivered anyway. Jeffrey Atkins drops off his first new record since being released from prison in May. Aptly titled, "Fresh Out Da Pen."

Ja Rule Released From Prison

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After completing the majority of a two-year bid for weapons charges and tax evasion, Ja is finally home.