Either Hov has some extracurricular friends who are getting waaaaaaay out of pocket or this broad cray. We like to think it’s both but the evidence won’t skew in one direction. She doesn’t use her own name to boost this track’s profile, so we won’t either. “Mrs. Carter” is the scream from the abyss of fifteen lost minutes of fame infamy. This is a blow to the Main Chicks and Wifey party. One it may not ever bounce back from. Video after the jump.
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Tiny stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about her new single “What The F*ck You Gon Do?” which is about cheating on T.I. because he cheated on her. It’s the new anthem for cheating on your man because he cheated on you and a lead-off to a new Tiny album interview.

8 things we learned about Tiny and TI’s relationship drama after the jump.
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As if this headline weren’t ridiculous enough, watch the footage of Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino acting…well, childish. This is all part of a performance meant to hype a crowd in Sydney, Australia and to live precisely in a moment. But, the actor-turned-rapper is often so caught up in his own internet self-awareness (i.e. titling last year’s proper debut Because The Internet) that it’s hard to believe this was all spontaneous. What does he stand to gain from name-dropping? Check the video after the jump.
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Dang. All right. I woke up to this. It’s the cover art for Nicki’s new single “Anaconda.” To be clear, we’d never see this on Beyonce’s Instagram and it’s not because Bey has more respect for herself than Nicki does. The Young Money Queen is feeling that pressure to stay in her Starship. Explore the issue after the jump.
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MMG is Rick Ross’s solid contribution to the rap game because it extends the power of his influence to recruit other great street artists to urban radio rotation. His two marquee acts are in a feud that Meek Mill set off on social media by calling Wale corny. Check the tweets after the jump.
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What’s better than planning a trip to Dominican Republic with your juicy on-again off-again gf? Making a fly video about it, that’s what. Bodega Bamz infuses this uptown scene with a tap dance flow and true Spanglish comedy flavor. Will be checking for more of his videos, especially if curly hair and driving other people’s luxury cars is a constant.

Video: Troy Ave – “My Day”

 |  June 30, 2014

This dude yo… He’s like 50 Cent liiiiiiiiiiiiite. Super light. Gluten-free, extra nutritious. Plus his vids leave a lot to be desired. But he’s making music a lot so he’s got that going for him. I’m just left to wonder where this pusher-from-the-streets-becomes-big-rap-star story arc goes. A mystery for all times.

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