7 Best Husbands For Beyoncé After Dumping Jay Z

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4. Sorta Like Sam Rothstein

Robert Deniro

Jay Z drew Robert Deniro’s ire when, after many tries, he didn’t return the actor’s calls. Deniro, who has been the subject of Jay’s admiration and lyrics for a while, made it known that he found the young tycoon to be “rude” and even confronted him in public at a posh restaurant. While this sounds like a coded way of Bobby D. implying that Jay had gotten uppity with him (and how DARE he!), it might also be fuel for one of the greatest celebrity feuds ever. Add to the mix that Deniro, since my mom and auntie were fans back in the day, has a thing for chocolate and proudly struts around with Negresses. Yea that’s his wife, Grace Hightower, pictured above. What better way to get back at that slick-talking rapper than to snatch his wife from under his nose and add another ebony trophy to his case?