7 Best Husbands For Beyoncé After Dumping Jay Z

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1. Life Is Good


You know what’s real? It is impossible to find a picture of Nas and Beyoncé together on Google images. As in, there exists no photo in Google’s search index that comes up when you search their names together. Don’t for a second think that Jay Z doesn’t have his hand in that. Beyoncé is in one of Nas’s videos, so that makes no sense. Not even a screenshot?

This would be the ultimate victory in a war of masterminds. Nas takes the final crushing jab at Jay Z’s withering heart. Beyoncé exacts revenge on her philandering husband by uniting with his sworn enemy. Imagine all the pillow talk amazingness that Mr. Jones could just laugh and laugh at all the night long as he discerns weave hair from real. Both of them seem too honorable to even take the low road like that…but recent divorcées tend to throw regard out of the window in order to permanently scar those who wronged them. In other words, it’s a match.

Who’s irreplaceable?