8 Questions With iHipHop: How Much Has Eminem Matured On MMLP2?

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Drew: How would you describe the Eminem “sound” and was it present on MMLP2?
Dan: The Eminem sound has gone through some transformations over the past decade and a half. But as of late, Em’s been big on making that stadium rap music. And by that I mean, that over-produced, corny, fake-inspirational jawn that you’d hear on some video game soundtrack or on blast at a high school football game. On MMLP2, I’m not even sure if he’s even doing that anymore. It’s just basically yelling for the sake of yelling most of the time. It’s like Em trying to do an impersonation of the old Slim Shady. It’s painful and sad. But then you remember he’s going to make a billion dollars off album sales and do the requisite tour, and the apathy diminishes.


  1. Oh come on DrewBreez, the album is great. It’s not perfect, but to say it got uneven marks is just wrong. From what I know, most other sources laud the effort!

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