8 Questions With iHipHop: How Much Has Eminem Matured On MMLP2?

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Dan: Do you think MMLP2 will end up being Em’s final album? Why or why not?
Drew: It could be. Eminem was a named party in a lawsuit against Aftermath/Interscope for more royalties to his past projects, which may have been cheated from him with some arcane precedents in place. He is something like the Curt Flood of the music industry since a jury decided that his music should be deemed a “license” and not a “sale” retroactively. But beyond that great financial outlook, Eminem still seems to want to rap through his turmoils and triumphs and generally chronicle his life. He is an evolving father, a sometimes-contrite artist and a pained person, overall. I can see him mining from this for another decade, no matter what his label situation is.


  1. Oh come on DrewBreez, the album is great. It’s not perfect, but to say it got uneven marks is just wrong. From what I know, most other sources laud the effort!

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