Album Sales Week of 5/4

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album sales week of 5/4

Trina “Amazin'” – 32,483 (12% digital)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony “Uni5: The World’s Enemy” – 29,609 (15% digital)
8Ball & MJG “Ten Toes Down” 16,052 (11% digital)
Scarface “Dopeman Music” – 1,404 (100% digital)
Roc Marciano “Marcberg” – 180 (46% digital)
Blacastan “Blac Sabbath” – 213
DJ Spinna “Underground Forever” – 77


A lot of people, and not just randoms, but people whose music taste I trust, have been talking a BIG game about this Roc Marcy character.  “Marcberg” dropped last week, and although these people are hailing it as an exceptional album, either someone messed up marketing it, this guy doesn’t have any fans, or the number of people in the US who enjoy “real rap music” is under 200.  You tell me…

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  1. it's because wack sites like this only promote wack artists like drake and lil wayne. how about doing some actual reporting on other hiphop and making things more balanced instead of ball riding so hard. i have no idea why i even look at this site at all' it is such garbage.

  2. aside from bitching about how the two most popular artists in the game get shine, tell us who you'd like to see coverage on. I couldn't care less about Drake personally, but people enjoy reading about him. Who do you want to read about? What would you like to see covered? Honestly.

  3. That is a b.s. “journalist” excuse. You shouldn't cater to the “people” you should report on the information out there. The hype comes from you guys, not the people. I honestly don't know anyone that gives a damn about Drake but because sites like this keep shoving it down their throats they don't know anything else. There is no balance in HipHop media because sites like this keep talking about the same old crap when there is so much else going on. And this isn't about me bitching this is a serious problem.

    There are so many talented artists recording music, both new and old, that deserve just as much shine and coverage. How is it that like less than 5 artists get all of the shine? I am sure it is because a lot of people are getting paid off. Not accusing you personally but that is just a reality in this business.

    So, artists I would like to see more coverage on?

    How about artists that have been doing it for 20+ years. Artists that continue to evolve, grow and tour worldwide and make great music. Like De La Soul, Krs One, Public Enemy, MC Lyte, Freddie Foxxx. It doesn't always have to be about what is “hot”. There are so many great stories to be written about these pioneers- like how they keep inspired, productive, stories of longevity and what they have experienced around the world. Do we need a story about Lil Wayne's baby mamas? Come on.

    Or how about covering artists that have been working hard for the last ten years and rock sold out shows worldwide. Like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Murs, Dilated Peoples, People Under the Stairs, Blackalicious and Gift of Gab, Lyrics Born, Sage Francis. I would love stories about their creative processes and experiences. these guys aren't on MTV but they sell records and tour like crazy which means they must have an audience and a loyal one too to be doing it for over ten years. What has Drake done compared to Slug or Brother Ali, R. A. the Rugged Man, Louis Logic and J.J. Brown, J Live, or Lyrics Born?

    Or how about the deep underground, the favorites of favorites, the artists that are pushing the envelope and putting in hard work…Toki Wright, Grieves, ILLUS, GodAWFUL, Jonny October, Blacastan, Rita J, Desa, P.O.S.

    How about digging even deeper and introducing new talent to the world that isn't cosigned by Dre of Timbaland?

    I have no problem with artists that hit it big, especially when they put in the work. But all this hype being perpetrated by sites like this is appalling because it wreaks of payola and catering to advertisers with limited vision. And I have no problem with anyone making money but I do have a problem with the lack of balance in so-called HipHop journalism. This site is called IHIPHOP not IHITPOP. You have a responsibility to the culture when you stake a claim that you represent it otherwise you are just vultures.

    Seriously- report on the positive as well as the negative. I know journalists don't think positivity sells but that is b.s. because I know for a fact there is a whole audience of HipHop fans craving some feel good vibes and positivity. If you really care about the culture and art form you would help it grow in a positive direction as well and not just profit off of the negativity, hype and commercialism of it all.

    if you need a writer to cover the underground and the positive aspects of HipHop, I would be happy to contribute and I know other great writers that would as well.


  4. And that is just a small list…There are so many great artists making great music…a few more I missed-

    Mos Def
    Talib Kweli
    Ugly Duckling
    Regenerated Headpiece
    Masta Ace- who just gets better and better and better…
    Mr Lif
    MC Ren
    Naughty By Nature

    There is something for everyone out there and that is why we need more balance.

    And really…”crackspace”? Crack is such a horrible drug…do we really need to spin it or use it in our language in this day and age?

  5. That's a pretty valid response, for the most part. I'd love to get into the specifics, but more importantly, it sounds like you do too. Hit us up at and let's talk about getting you to write, and cover some of these artists on the site.

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