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Notorious B.I.G. 1995












There might have been a couple of incidents over the weekend linked to the Notorious movie, but for the most part, the movie is a serious success making $21.5 million in its opening weekend and this was with only 1300 theaters actually showing the movie. Sources close to Ms. Wallace, the mother of the late great Notorious B.I.G said yesterday ‘This movie was not about making money, it was just ensuring that the legacy of Biggie lives on, but of course we are happy to see it be so well received by the public.’


  1. what i gotta say about biggie if he was alive right now and making that notorious movie things would’nt be happen like that like it used to be and yes i feel sorry for him that he got shot after the incident long time ago and yes biggie that rapper of the inderstries was the best rapper of all lives then after when 2pac rape his wife faith evans it was over for them after the east coast and the west coast for the battle and yes its not even funny no more because biggie went to cali suge knights killed 2pac and thats why they set him up and then he came back alive and yes to tell you the truth he is hiding some where in cuba and i dont ever think that he’s gonna be making it from newyork to brooklyn at the south side or what ever cause if it happens then everybody would of been shooked you feel me and yes my man biggie did came back crying for that nigga cause that was his man from the past and thats why they shoot biggie because when it said on the news the gang murderer was the 1 that shoot biggie and thats the shit that made me mad because to tell you the truth biggie was like my only best favorite rapper and yes i do got love for big because thats my nigga and i feel him how the way he said but damn jamal gravy you really did some good shit at the movie no lie and im feeling on that 1 right there because he made the movie out about biggies life and that he was dead at the car and yes its and true really sad story and yes ive gotta give props for my man gravy jamal notorious big and thanks for your coroperations and have a nice day ill hope you enjoy the movie if you seened it cause i know i seened it iight peace im out 1… ya

  2. yeah biggie was the shit and then some but he was no tupac.and no tupac didn’t rape faith yes your a idiot who should of stayed in school and learn pronunciation and spelling bottom line tupac was the shit spoke bout real shit biggie was the shit spoke about real shit the world of hip hop would be a different sound if they were still alive.fuck all these fake ass rappers now days

  3. BEASTKLY how are you going to tell someone that they need to stay in school when your grammar is shot straight to hell. Check your shit before you post it homie

  4. What the fuck are you talking about Joker? Of course that movie wouldnt be happening if BIG was alive. DUH!!!! Niggas…..Please learn to use your computer and please learn spell check!!!! Damn

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