Grading The 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

11 years ago view-show 4,900,401

Contestants: Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz, & Jon Connor

Coldest Bars: The whole Jon Connor verse.

Whackest Bars: “I made a plan to kick the game in the smelly rectum/ And I don’t deviate like a healthy septum.” — Wax

Final Grade: C-


  • If this wasn’t your first time hearing any of these people rap, outside of Connor and Rittz, you’re officially cooler than me.
  • The whole rapping-in-Italian thing was cool and caught me completely off-guard.
  • BET should bring in a German rapper for 2014. That’d probably be the most aggressive cypher verse in years.


  1. Even before I’ve read it, I just new that the Drizzy Diss would be featured here. You can’t write about K. dot in the BET without it.

  2. I think A$AP Mob could do better than this. I was thinking maybe at least Ferg or Rocky were not in their elements.

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