iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Problem Talks The Resurgence Of L.A. Hip-Hop, Working With Snoop Dogg & More

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For a long time, the only acts synonymous with West Coast Hip-Hop were names like Snoop Dogg and E-40. But when you have written songs for the likes of those artists, it’s not long before you become one of those lyricists that are talked about on a regular basis as well. That’s where Compton native, Problem comes into play.

Besides the fact of him loaning his pen game to the aforementioned, he’s also worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Jamie Foxx Cool & Dre, and DJ Quik. Coming to the forefront with his own movement, one that includes his latest project, Welcome To Mollywood, the man who has made others sound good plans on fully using those talents on himself.

We were able to catch up with him as the resident of the Left Coast made his round in New York to talk about his upcoming projects, the difference between New York and LA crowds, the new faces of LA hip-hop, working with DJ Quik and Snoop Dogg, and when he first realized that he would pursue a career in hip-hop.