iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Tito Lopez Talks The Relevance Of Co-Signs, Adjusting To The Limelight & More

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At one point and time, the only thing coming out of Mississippi was David Banner, but those times have changed. Like every other region, hungry young artists are making their way up the ladder, and right into your eardrums, Tito Lopez happens to be one of them.

Making a splash with his mixtape, The Lost Files Of Tito Lopez: Reloaded, the fire spitter is set to release is second project, The Hunger Game on June 14th.

We were able to catch up to one of Hip-Hop’s newest voices at Capitol Records in midtown in this two-part interview to discusses the relevance of his co-signs from Dr. Dre and Organized Noize, the flourishing Mississippi Hip-Hop scene, signing with Captiol Records, adjusting to the limelight and more. (footage shot by Marvin Harris)