Is Mac Miller Secretly Signed To Atlantic Records?

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I’m pretty sure he is.  My evidence?

1) Through my low level Illuminati connections I know for a fact Atlantic is handling Mac Miller’s merchandising.  I even believe Mac had or has the number one selling t-shirt at Hot Topic.  Yes that Hot Topic.

2) Mac has been rolling around with Sam Crespo who is a head radio guy at Atlantic Records.  And I know they are denying that anything is official and they are just “friends”.  This is the music business.  You don’t get to lease an Iluminati’s swag without said Illuminati getting paid off it.  Just doesn’t happen.  People in this game only make moves with people they are getting money with.  Same way I knew Diddy signed Machine Gun Kelly for the mere fact he tweeted about him.

3) People have just told me that.  It’s not very factual, but people who have perspectives I trust have told me Mac is signed to Atlantic.

However, this isn’t the point.  I don’t really care that Mac Miller signed with Atlantic Records.  The kid is a gold mine (even Trump wants a check).  It was only a matter of time before the guys at Atlantic offered Benji, owner of Mac’s label Rostrum Records, a check he could not say no to.  Especially considering how much money Atlantic has made off Rostrum Record’s other main artist Wiz Khalifa.

The point is the Major’s are starting to wisen up.  Mac has an album dropping soon entitled, Blue Slide Park.  Atlantic knows that as soon as they are publicly associated with he project it will change the way f*ck boy hip hop bloggers such as myself approach covering an artist/project.  Right now Mac Miller can pretend that when people support him they are just supporting independent music.  Because no one is going to go out of their way to support these guys.  There is value to that.  I know it, the people who work at major labels know it.

Plus just announcing a big label deal can often be detrimental to a burgeoning artists career.  I feel like artists getting secretly signed to major labels will actually become a fairly regular occurrence.   Not only that , but I’m willing to bet that the majors start fake independent record labels.  So that instead of a label being Asylum/Warner Bros.  It will be Fake Independent Records without the Warner Bros part.  It will still be owned by Warner Bros, but that will only be on paper not in press releases.  I bet the system will almost become like Major League baseball.  The majors will have their artists start on the AAA fake independent record labels, and once that artist proves to be lucrative, the artist will get bumped up to the majors.

Is there anything wrong with this happening?  Not really. It’s business.  This kind of stuff happens in the corporate world all the time.  I guess that’s my point.  This music sh*t is still big business, even if big business doesn’t want you to know they are involved!

Sidebar:  Shouts to my man Artie Pitt!  Fool me once shame on you!  Fool me twice…shame on me!  I may not be the smartest dude out here, but I’m definitely not the stupidest.  Ha!


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