Model Chick: Kim Santiago (Pics/Vid)

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The Model Chick of the week is Kim Santiago. Kim stood out from other models, she`s different, you can see it in her eyes. Unlike most females her age she is really into comics, action movies and fast cars. She even has a pretty big following for a fan film she made called “Elektra”.
All that wouldn’t mean anything if she couldn’t model, so when it time for us to shoot she also did her thing. Peep the interview below to hear her speak about her dark past, her love for DMX, and you def don’t want to miss the dancing vid to see this self proclaimed fan-girl in action.

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  1. Damn, I gotta move. Seeing Mikes new posts have made me realize that a lot of ugly ass women live in my area.

  2. when it comes to smashing…no chic can rival a girl from PR. period. tell me she aint a freak…she still listen to dmx my nigga!!!lol

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