Rappers That Really Want Beef With Each Other

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Uncle Murda, Brisco, BillyBlue, Gorilla Zoe, and Big Block are set to appear on the Urban Wrestling Federation. According to the rich white man who thinks the Urban Wrestling Federation is the next best thing since slice bread. The rappers are playing gang leaders, which is a major part of the story line.

I’m sure this will change the game for hip hop and wrestling fans forever. This is a joke I’m sitting here at my computer trying to write a decent article about this trash truck juice special and I can’t  So I’m just going to list a bunch of reasons why this thing is sure to fail.

1. Mix Martial Arts shows such as MTV’S Bully Beat Down and Spike’s The Ultimate Fighter are taking over slowly and they use real people and real violence.

2. Real wrestling fans are not going to stop watching WWE to watch this crap.

3. These rappers aren’t famous enough to get viewers.

4. The merchandise will be weak, for example  Uncle Murda lunch boxes and Gorilla Zoe action figures that say “I’M A HOOD N*GGA” when you pull the string.

5. Everyone will forget their lines because they will be too high..


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