Reminder From Charlamagne: WrestleMania Was Saturday Calm Down Flex Hogan!

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As the unforgiving internet blew (pun intended) the story up about Mr. Cee’s arrest, his good friend, DJ FunkMasterFlex took to his blog, inflexwetrust, to defend him saying that it was not true and just a rumor,  “Please be advised this rumor is not true. Stating false allegations about somebody and presenting it as valid information is unethical.”

Although I understand why Flex defended his friend, it is hard to believe that this is not true since this isn’t the first time Cee has been accused of being with a transvestite. Wendy Williams alluded to it on her radio show on Kiss FM back in 2007. NY Daily News also reported “Cee was busted in lower Manhattan last Oct. 8 and Nov. 20, both times for loitering for the purpose of prostition.” All seems a little suspect to me.

If Mr. Cee thought that rival radio station Power 105′s morning show “The Breakfast Club” wasn’t going to go in on him he’s not only into trannys but he’s delusional too. The Team at Power 105 just wanted to give Mr. Cee a little advice. Turns out Flex wasn’t took happy with the jokes the Breakfast Club had on his friend and went all “Flex Hogan” on air last night, listen to him here firing back at the Power 105 team.

If you felt as awkward listening to that as I did, then you can only imagine what Charlamagne had to say this morning. Listen here to hear Charlamagne call Flex out on everything this morning, from being old and stuck in the 90s to addressing women, he even gave Flex a new nickname that was trending on Twitter this morning,”Flex Hogan”  Oh yeah and congrats on getting “Donkey of the Day” Flex.



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