These Guys Are Making Music!

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Vibe caught up with Big Boi at Anchor Bar last night in NYC for an event celebrating his partnership with Crown Royal.  Big Boi claims he is already working on a new solo album entitled Daddy Fat Sax.  He also revealed that he will be featured on Andre 3000’s new record.  Which means 3 Stacks in working on an album!  These are phenomenal developments.  Also shouts to Crown Royal for hooking me up with a fire Brian Wood bag last night.  Sh*t was regal as f*ck and I fully intend on stunting on the basic a$$ Louie bag b*tches.

  • “I’ve been working on the new record Daddy Fat Sax and really just taking on beats for outside artists. I got the group Vonnegutt and a couple joints from Killer Mike,” he continues.”I have music that’s a continuation from what I was working with the Left Foot album. I’m trying to narrow it down from like seventy-seven records. I’m trying to cut it down, I’m only going to give them ten records this time.”

    Though guest appearances were kept to a minimum on his first solo LP Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, Boi revealed an impressive collabo that he’s been holding for his follow up.

    “I got a track right now that’s me, Raekwon, and Janelle Monae that I recorded for Sir Lucious Left Foot,” he told VIBE from that back room of Anchor Bar.

    When asked if his long time running mate, Andre 3000 would also be making a guest appearance, the rapper remained hopeful but said it was in the hands of Jive at this point.

    “[Andre] on the Daddy Fat Sax album? Hopefully, if Jive lets it happen. But I’m definitely going to be on his next record.”