Video: Breakfast Club Interviews TI’s Wife Tiny

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Tiny stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about her new single “What The F*ck You Gon Do?” which is about cheating on T.I. because he cheated on her. It’s the new anthem for cheating on your man because he cheated on you and a lead-off to a new Tiny album interview.

8 things we learned about Tiny and TI’s relationship drama after the jump.

8 Things We Learned From Tiny’s Interview At The Breakfast Club

  1. Does NOT Believe Her Man Should Have An Emotional Connection To The Side Piece
  2. She says this early in the video when Charlamagne first suggests that a man in The Industry has too much temptation to remain loyal. The Side Piece lobby just took a huge hit.

  3. TI Is Her King (In Quotation Marks)
  4. Hit him with the punctuation, Tameka. Nice.

  5. ‘Don’t Talk About My Kids On Instagram, I’ma Check You’
  6. There’s no reason for her to be checking what anyone says about her on social media BUT talk about her kids though? Trouble.

  7. Still Visits MediaTakeout For Updates On Her Life
  8. Under the category of what Tameka Harris Ought Not Do.

  9. It’s Her Wedding Anniversary…
  10. The perfect time to be doing national interviews about your cheating song. Yup.

  11. Xscape Caught Feelings Off The Biggie Lyrics
  12. Biggie apologized for saying they were sub-RuPaul level attractive on the song “Dreams.” His repentance? “Yo, I’m ugly too!”

    Still can do no wrong.

  13. They’re Putting Out Songs In Response To Each Other
  14. Tiny made the cheating-on-your-man-because-he-cheated-on-you anthem “What The F*ck You Gon Do?” On the same day, TI released “Stay,” ostensibly an answer to the question of her song’s title. This is where we believe things stand in the Family Hustle Cold War.

  15. TI’s Mom & Everyone Else Wants Them To Stay Together
  16. We can’t lose Bey-Z AND TI/Tiny in the same year. Don’t do it, guys. Think of the kids, the show, us (the fans), and anyone else but the two of you.

    You’re the rawest combination of hip-hop and R&B. That’s for us, not you. Remember that before you go burning up the bond. We need role models…pill-popping, gun-toting, harmonious role models.