Blue Chips 2: Translating Action Bronson

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Midget Cough

Tamarind punch, higher than a javelin jump; chocolate sauce over thin rabbit; I never thought that this could be my life, Russian mistress and Parisian wife; Me and Robert Horry in a foreign whip

robert horry is another sports figure of era-level fame. he won seven NBA championships, two with the houston rockets, three with the los angeles lakers and two with the san antonio spurs.

of players who have won multiple NBA championships, he is not the strongest talent or even the most storied among them. but, he was around at the right time to win and made big plays for the eventual champs.

action bronson and robert horry hanging out is a perfect match. they both appreciate playing their roles well, but not going too far outside of it. unless, of course, it’s in the foreign whip.

then all bets are off for those two.


  1. 9-24-13: “Smoke the *budder* same color as The Weeknd.” He’s talking about smoking wax (BHO), which should be a nice light-brown caramel color.

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