Blue Chips 2: Translating Action Bronson

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Through The Eyes Of A G

Hand up her ass like a muppet baby…I move the mustard from Russia to Haiti; Aim a hammer at ya dame’s bladder, like it ain’t matter; Multi-colored money/7 different kinds of cheeses; Don’t make me have to slap the fire out ya pop’s mouth

multi-colored money implies international travel, stops at customs, and currency exchange. ‘cheese’ is the Rappin-ese word for money, so bam bam is suggesting here that he has both several money types and assorted fromage.

in other words, ketchup.


  1. 9-24-13: “Smoke the *budder* same color as The Weeknd.” He’s talking about smoking wax (BHO), which should be a nice light-brown caramel color.

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