Blue Chips 2: Translating Action Bronson

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Amadu Diablo

Left hand the steering/in the Amadu Diablo; So much drugs, what would a nun say?/And it’s Sunday; F*ck, I nutted in like 3 strokes/sh*t, now that’s no way to rep the East Coast

before trayvon martin, and before oscar grant, and before lots of innocent black men were killed by police in the 2000s, innocent black men were killed by police in the 90s. amadou diallo was gunned down in an incident of fatal profiling. the 24-year-old vendor diallo was falsely identified by four plain-clothed NYPD officers as a suspected serial rapist. when they approached diallo armed, he ran into the vestibule area of a nearby building in fear.

the officers then opened fire, unloading 41 shots, 19 of them hitting diallo. the police were not convicted of any crime.

it is hard to say what this event has to do with action bronson’s driving abilities, but he did mention it.


  1. 9-24-13: “Smoke the *budder* same color as The Weeknd.” He’s talking about smoking wax (BHO), which should be a nice light-brown caramel color.

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