Blue Chips 2: Translating Action Bronson

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Rolling Thunder

She took a bump and started dancing like Elaine Benes; Bought my b*tch a present hope I don’t spoil it (what is it, baby?)/face-to-face toilets; I play ball like Billy Hoyle, now I need a Sidney Dean to play this bravo in the Phillipines

elaine benes, the female member of seinfeld’s foursome, was incredibly funny while also being impossibly awkward. when she revealed her moves at an office dance party, it made television history.

the effects of cocaine are dangerous. one potential influence it has on the psyche is inducing paranoia while increasing blood flow from heart to brain. it makes even the calmest fiend…want to dance and shout. bronson can coach you through this, but would prefer not to. lest you start elaine dancing in his presence.


  1. 9-24-13: “Smoke the *budder* same color as The Weeknd.” He’s talking about smoking wax (BHO), which should be a nice light-brown caramel color.

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