Model Chick: Vanity Billz (Pics/Vid)

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The Model Chick of the week is Vanity Billz. Last week I got a request for some thick chicks so I definitely think Vanity fits the bill. One thing about Vanity Billz is that she knows how to use her assets to her advantage. So when it came time for me to shoot this West Indian wonder, it seemed she only had one thing on her mind, to prove that thick chicks are sexy too.

Peep the pics from the shoot and don’t miss the video below to see her in action. Don’t forget to leave some love in the comment section.(if the ad audio on the side gets in the way you can mute it!)




  1. Mike I wasn't sure you actually read your comments…You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. This chick def has some thickness runnin in her blood.

  2. you niggaz is high on meth..ths chick ass look like chittlings and dimples,,lmbao..she cute tho but all my hoes killin her..MODEL..more like BUSTO

  3. yea…. this bitch is wack…. her ass is flat and dimple filled. who ever be photo shopping these pics is wack too. i did better work when i was in freakin high school. Paris is the shit doe!

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