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Now my fellow country man, Idris ‘yummy’ Elba is going to be giving Diddy a run for his money if there is to be a black James Bond cast. Turns out the London boy is looking to play the role of 007 too. Now lets see what had Idris going for him that Puffy doesn’t….of course the accent……mos def the looks…..oh and the fact that he is a damn good actor. Diddy better be paying some coach to be getting his acting on point if he thinks he has a chance to outdo Idris.


  1. yh fam he deserves it i used to watch him when he was in the tv drama The Bill he representz 4 da UK stand strong g Black James Bond fuck that we need are own shit why copy we are the original james bond was a black character in 1st place but back then there was some real racist shit

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