ILL Bill & Vinnie Paz Get Medieval On Underground Rapper?

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When underground rappers attack!  ILL Bill and Vinnie Paz, collectively known as the Heavy Metal Kings, are synonymous with ultra violent lyrics pertaining to gruesome beatdowns.  Last night, the duo allegedly lived up to their hardcore image, as underground rapper Lord Lhus was rumored to have been bludgeoned at the hands of the duo.

According to a reliable source, Lhus was in attendance at HMK’s show in Toronto last night.  Once the show closed, Paz, Bill, and affiliate King Syze jumped off stage and began pummeling the Carolina rapper.  It’s said the beef started when Lhus gave away an unauthorized leak featuring Jedi Mind Tricks affiliates Outerspace.   After some verbal back and forth, Lhus more recently dissed another AOTP affiliate, Apathy (allegedly).  Neither Bill nor Vinnie have commented on the incident as of press time.

Even though we heard this from a source close to the situation, we cannot confirm the events happened as such, so we’re leaving this in the rumor section for the time being.

UPDATE: It’s official; Lord Lhus was indeed beat down at ILL Bill & Vinnie Paz’s Toronto show.  Although it was initially reported that Lhus was assaulted in the crowd area of the venue, he was reportedly invited backstage by a mutual friend, which led to Bill and Paz confronting him about disrespectful comments he made towards associated rappers.  It’s also reported that he made anti-Semitic comments, which was another reason for the assault.

Past collaborators and label mates, Snowgoons, issued a statement regarding the incident in which they wisely disassociated from Lhus.  You can read their statement below:

Over the past months Lord Lhus steadily drove himself into a very negative relation and position with many well respected artists throughout the Hip Hop community that unfortunately led to the incident at a Toronto Hip Hop show. The current situation about the Lord Lhus beef with many of our affiliated music friends force us to disassociate our name and label with him straight away due to his conflicts with our people, and our people’s people from all over.

We cant accept that lord lhus includes our name and brand in beef and rumors that get spread over the internet. Lord Lhus represented himself in a way that appears to people that he was actually part of the Snowgoons which was never the case.

Lord Lhus is a talented artist but he needs to learn to show respect and humble himself especially when commenting and posting things about other artists or people. If he acts disrespectful (which he did) he has to take sole responsibility for his action.

We’re all in a small Hip Hop community and our effort and goal is always to connect and build with people in a positive way. It’s sad that it have to end this way but it is lord lhus own sole responsibility and we never were and never will be a part of his movement.

Snowgoons and Sicknature drop Lord Lhus with immediate effect and close the cooperation with Lord Lhus on any future projects.



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