Shootin The Gif: Why “Nosetalgia” Is Video Of The Year

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“Drop Some Ice Cubes In It”


so we’ve gotten to the point where kendrick lamar is describing his drug-addicted father, and the (hopefully?) hypothetical moment he schooled him to the game of profiting from addiction. knowing Pops is helpless to the lures of nose candy, he breaks down the process of stretching cocaine, but with a tongue-in-cheek delivery that suggests both parties know that any coke exchanged will soon be consumed by the vendor. the High On His Supply Daddy still holds out the delusional aspiration that he can make one last go of it; and the son, now making his own way, is just sympathetic and pitying enough to entertain the thought too.
that cross-generational pain hangs on this verse like a rainy day sweater through kendrick’s gruff barking and ironically sobering depictions of drug life (which eerily resemble the drug death of Pusha’s stanza). at this point, i just want to leave this place and never come back.
and if someone so much as passes me a joint at a party, i’m calling cops. k. dot is making me seriously reconsider Prohibition.


  1. I love it that they made the video that way, all focus on the words rather than having some really distracting elements in it. No oversized booties in any frames.

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