Shootin The Gif: Why “Nosetalgia” Is Video Of The Year

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you wanna see a dead body? it turns out, they can’t kill kenny. even after calling out the ten-years-his-senior rapper, King Push, on “Control,” kendrick lamar and your favorite drug dealer’s favorite rapper still managed to produce one of hip-hop’s most powerful collabs in a Toronto minute.

rap music grabs at Spielberg-level fantasy where it used to flaunt Scorsese-style grit. if there isn’t a corrections officer trying to convince you he’s a kingpin, there’s a former tv star auditioning for General Hospital in his ballads. the white guys are in the trap. the trappers aren’t rappers at all, if you hear them tell it. overall honesty and realism has taken a backseat to theater and melodrama.
so when pusha t graced the fans with some of that raw, uncut, strung-out, macabre, doleful dopeboy dizziness…it’s like he woke listeners from a dream into a 90s Crack Era living room. “Nosetalgia” can’t be described in words (though Frannie Kelley does a damn good job at capturing some of its lightning).
instead, iHipHop will walk you through the alleyway of addiction and its bad memory lane in a series of gifs that explain why it’s the Video Of The Year, in a segment we like to dub Shootin’ The Gif.



  1. I love it that they made the video that way, all focus on the words rather than having some really distracting elements in it. No oversized booties in any frames.

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