Shootin The Gif: Why “Nosetalgia” Is Video Of The Year

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“Hit The Pipe/Feelin’ It”


let’s add crack-induced euphoria to the list of things that kendrick lamar can vividly describe in a verse with few words. simply put, i wasn’t expecting that.
he went full Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie for two seconds enacting his aunt’s crack trip. i’m not sure which is more tragic: that he had to witness that at such a young age, or that his creative fuel is partly derived from unforgettable moments like that one.
in any case, those tremors will be with him whether or not he takes rap’s crown. take that, Mr. “Started From The Bottom.”


  1. I love it that they made the video that way, all focus on the words rather than having some really distracting elements in it. No oversized booties in any frames.

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