Shootin The Gif: Why “Nosetalgia” Is Video Of The Year

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“My Little Brother Cryin”


lil bro: but whyyyyy we can’t go? I’m hella HAWN-gry.
kendrick: because mommy said so, that’s why. now shut yo bish azz mouf for once and go to bed.
lil bro: make me! you said we was gone have cheese sandwiches. by the time we go down, the grown-ups prob’ly ate em all.
kendrick: nikka if u don’t shut up, i’ma have to DDT you off the top bunk one time to show you who’s boss.
kendrick: i thought so. now put yo pajama clothes on, we gone run to the sto’ real quick. mommy can’t see us go out from da back. but hurry up! or i’m leavin without you.
lil bro: (weepy) kennyyyy…don’t play like that.


  1. I love it that they made the video that way, all focus on the words rather than having some really distracting elements in it. No oversized booties in any frames.

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