Shootin The Gif: Why “Nosetalgia” Is Video Of The Year

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“If He Dies, He Dies”


while it doesn’t seem awful fair that someone has to DIE for someone else to abuse drugs, it happens, literally, ALL THE TIME. the illegal nature of the business makes it so that, in order to rise to its pinnacle, the best of ’em have to accept the reality of collateral damage. it’s not as gruesome as it sounds since most drug dealers are really careful to dispose of bodies once the deed is done.
so no one has to see exactly what went down…except in the case of a revenge killing…and then there’s the whole example-setting execution…and sometimes the robbery murders…
ok, so it is as gruesome as it sounds. but not always. and pusha’s pigtails just seem too adorable for him to be involved in anything terrible. (right?)


  1. I love it that they made the video that way, all focus on the words rather than having some really distracting elements in it. No oversized booties in any frames.

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